The Leland Group, Inc. is a professional financial services firm dedicated to helping business owners achieve life security. We specialize in perfecting your legacy by providing comprehensive solutions relating to mergers & acquisitions, business valuations, and exit planning. Whether you are thinking of exiting your business now, or sometime in the future, The Leland Group can help.

Fewer than 25% of business owners have prepared for the eventual day when they exit their business. The consequence of this inadequate planning most often results in a business transfer that does not meet the personal or business objectives of the owner. A recent survey showed that 75% of business owners regret selling their business within the first 12 months. Getting an early start in establishing and Exit Plan helps insure that when you do decide to exit from your business, you can do it on your terms.

Because developing a successful Exit Strategy is complex and multi-disciplined practice, it requires someone who can coordinate the multi-faceted process successfully. We provide a range of services to help you meet your goals and we champion the process by coordinating the plan with the best attorneys, CPA’s, wealth managers and estate planners to effectuate a superior result for you, the business owner.

If you’ve reached that point where the time to exit your business is now, The Leland Group is better prepared to execute this strategy for two important reasons. First, because we are experts at developing strategies to enhance the business transfer process, we can ensure an orderly and timely progression avoiding many of the pitfalls that sidetrack deals. Secondly, our proven method of running a sales process to a targeted list of strategic and financial buyers provides a means to maximize the value you receive from the sale of your business.

Our commitment is to offer leading edge solutions for middle market businesses. Our primary goal is to achieve a lasting relationship based on mutual confidence by providing you with the best possible professional services.

Our team supports California businesses owners with the following services:

Buyer Representation

The successful purchase of a business begins with the right match between a buyer and seller. Growing your business through acquisitions requires focus, persistence and dedication. Whether your search is local, national, or global, LGI can help qualify and present the best acquisition candidates for your review. Our expertise in evaluating suitability and negotiating on your behalf will result in minimizing valuable search time, which in turn produces quality acquisitions.

The Leland Group offers a variety of services to its buyer clients ranging from non-specific searches to retained project management engagements. Where required, our international offices will be enlisted to assist in the search.

There are many advantages for the buyer clients of LGI. Due to our international offices and over 50 intermediaries, the quantity and quality of deal flow we experience is first-rate. As a result, our buyer clients often see high quality companies prior to their going to market.

Seller Representation

In working with business owners who are contemplating a sale, private equity groups who are interested in sell-side transactions, or corporations who are divesting a subsidiary or division, LGI assists its clients in defining the appropriate selling strategy. Our services include preparing the business for sale, identifying key buyer prospects, and negotiating the transaction to a successful conclusion.

Maximizing Business Value

LGI has developed a proprietary process, which is designed to maximize the value of the business and achieve the personal and financial objectives of the business owner. In part, our ability to accomplish these objectives lies in combining the right elements:

  • Marketing: Successfully maximizing business value requires a methodology that can be tailored to each individual business. LGI’s system of marketing through each of its locations gives the business greater exposure to the strategic and professional buyers in virtually every country. This methodology achieves a greater likelihood of enhanced value for the business as the process broadens the search for the right buyer. This grass level effort can only be successful with local representation and is the cornerstone to our success in maximizing value.
  • Experience: In a typical year, the Mergers Alliance Companies will complete nearly a billion dollars in transactions throughout the world. Our knowledge in the M&A process is extensive and our experience in completing national and global dealings is unparalleled for mid-market businesses. With over 50 M&A professionals all working towards a common goal, our level of professional service is substantial and far-reaching.
  • Multinational: Our multinational presence gives us a distinct advantage in presenting the business to the largest cross section of private equity markets, strategic/synergistic candidates and other qualified buyers. As cross-border companies require a presence in the U.S. market, a void exists in identifying quality businesses within the United States. This represents a significant opportunity for U.S. businesses. Having local access to multinational buyers then is a prerequisite.
  • Documentation: Maximizing business value requires that professional documentation be developed to explain the value and details of the business. The Offering Memorandum is a platform to present the company consistently and professionally to the buyer community.
  • Confidentiality: Through a meticulous and detailed procedure, LGI maintains strict confidentiality throughout the entire process. Marketing materials and other announcements are approved prior to their release.
  • Comprehensive: From start to finish LGI will manage the entire process and will recommend solutions for minimizing the tax effect of a sale, identifying creative deal structures, and other solutions to meet the personal and business objectives of the owner(s).